HP Introduces New Apple iPod photo

The Apple iPod from HP is available in two sizes — 30 gigabytes (GB),(1) which holds up to 7,500 songs,(2) and 60 GB, which holds up to 15,000 songs.(2) In addition to a music library, the new players can each store up to 25,000 digital photos and can display them on a vivid, high-resolution color display.

Consumers can use an optional audio-visual cable accessory to share slideshows on big screen televisions and projectors.

The players come with a USB 2.0 cable to connect easily to a PC for syncing of music, playlists, photos and album artwork. Plus, extended battery life gives users up to 15 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of slideshows.(3) Both models are backed by HP’s Total Care customer support, which includes one year of phone support and a one-year warranty.

The new iPods are also compatible with HP Printable Tattoos, HP’s innovative way to allow consumers to personalize their iPods with artwork, designs and photography. At www.hp.com/music, consumers can find a gallery full of tattoo designs, including album art from the hottest bands and recording artists, as well as unique artwork and images.

Consumers can also upload their own photos and images to print as Tattoos at home. The ultra-thin HP Printable Tattoos are easy to apply and remove from the player’s exterior. Durable and water-resistant, they help to protect from scratches while adding a touch of personal style.

HP Apple iPod

HP Printable Tattoos are sold in 10-packs of printable glossy paper that are pre-cut to fit any Apple iPod from HP. The retail price for HP Printable Tattoos is $14.99. The Apple iPod from HP 30 GB is $349 and the Apple iPod from HP 60 GB is $449. HP also continues to offer the popular Apple iPod from HP 20 GB for $299.(4) The new Apple iPod from HP models and HP Printable Tattoos are available online at hpshopping.com and at many major retailers, including Circuit City, Radio Shack, Sears and Wal-Mart.

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