iPad 2 case on display at CES

Engadget is reporting that its spotted an iPad 2 case complete with a mockup device at CES. We’re currently trying to track down the product’s exhibitors, Chinese company Dexim, but until then this first glimpse is revealing a little more about the upcoming Apple tablet.

After asking if reporters could try out a personal iPad in Dexim’s new cases, the exhibitors said it was for an upcoming version and wouldn’t fit the original. The placeholder inside is allegedly slimmer with the speculated dual built-in cameras and a giant symbol for a speaker. The home button also has a lower location and the structure of the machine is said to be reminiscent of an iPod touches edges, more “tapered” than the iPad.

But what about the case itself? It sounds like a fairly interesting design that features a magnetically attachable Bluetooth keyboard for laptop-like use. We’ll let you know more about the case and its stand-in iPad 2 if we’re able to track it down.

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