Would you pay $400 for your first iWatch?

pay 400 first iwatch concept

Key to the success of the forthcoming iWatch is going to be its price — too high, and buyers will be put off; just right, and Apple could have another smash hit on its hands. It’s intriguing then that the latest leak to trickle out of the Cupertino company’s offices is a price point of $400, said to be under consideration by Apple executives.

That’s twice as much as the current Android Wear smartwatches from LG and Samsung and the same price as a 16GB iPad mini Retina. The $400 tag, if eventually confirmed during the launch of the device, would put Apple’s wearable in that same high-end bracket where it has found so much success with its phones, tablets and computers.

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Before you start withdrawing your cash, note that the leaked price — like most leaks — is unconfirmed. According to a report by Re/code, Apple bosses are considering the $400 price point, but they haven’t yet signed off on it. The price might not even be announced when the device is unveiled, something we expect to happen at the iPhone 6 event on September 9.

The lack of confirmation on the price fits in with rumors that the iWatch won’t appear on sale until 2015 while the design and production processes are finalized. As the iWatch is a completely new product category for Apple, it doesn’t run the risk of cannibalizing existing sales while buyers wait for the new model — several months of anticipation could work in the company’s favor and take the wind out of Android Wear sales.

There may be options for the more budget-conscious too. The Re/code report says that the wearable will appear at multiple price points, with less powerful options available as well as the $400 model. It goes without saying that Apple declined to comment.