Tech firm honors Steve Jobs with bronze statue of late Apple boss

For many involved in the world of technology and business, the late Apple guru Steve Jobs was a figure of towering importance.

His passing in October after a long illness at the relatively young age of 56 was considered a great loss to those that had closely followed the remarkable way in which he’d transformed Apple from being a company languishing in the doldrums to one of the biggest and most powerful on the planet.

So it might not come as too much of a surprise that one tech firm, based in Hungary, has decided to honor Jobs with a statue of the man himself.

Graphisoft, the software company that commissioned the bronze artwork, claims that it’s the first statue to honor the Apple co-founder, and one of which its workers are immensely proud.

Speaking to Reuters, Graphisoft chairman Gabor Bojar said, “He was one of the greatest (personalities) in our era, that’s what we wanted to express with this sculpture here.”

According to Bojar, Steve Jobs gave both money and computers to his firm, enabling it to build its architectural design software business from almost nothing in the 1980s to an enormous enterprise today with offices in more than five countries.

The statue, which stands close to the entrance of Graphisoft’s Budapest office, is the work of Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth. It shows a bespectacled Jobs seemingly in the midst of delivering a keynote address, with his left hand striking what will be a familiar pose for some (though aren’t the fingers a little too long and awkward-looking?), while in his right hand he appears to be clutching an iPhone. At his feet is a bronze sculpted iPad on which one of Jobs’ famous quotations is displayed: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

[Source: Reuters][Images: Reuters via IB TImes]

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