7 Memorial Day gadgets for a truly memorable gathering

Let our Memorial Day guide help you throw a successful three-day weekend.

Who isn’t happy for another three-day weekend? With Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, you better get your gears prepared for spending the day outdoors. Here’s our list of seven awesome gadgets to make your Memorial Day hangout fun, convenient, and mostly hassle-free.

Vulcan Cooler Tote ($190)

Vulcan Cooler Tote Portable Grill SystemDon’t have that much backyard space, or going out camping for the holiday weekend? That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own tools to create a delicious barbecue wherever you’re headed. The Vulcan Cooler Tote packs everything you need into a compact travel bag so you can grill on the go. The set comes with a metal barbecue fork, a large spatula, a pair of tongs, a propane grill with lid, and a cooler to put all your drinks in. Even if you’re only headed for the balcony, the system is still perfect for those with limited space.

Camp Chef Outdoor Projector Screen ($153)

Camp Chef 120-inch Outdoor Projector ScreenIf you do happen to be in a big backyard, you’ll need something to keep your guests entertained. Why not do so with a giant projector screen? Keep it as a centerpiece of the party and have everyone gather ’round and relax outside. Put on your favorite Blockbuster flick or hook it up to a video game console for fun that lasts all night long for everyone in the family. At 120 inches, the projector screen displays in 16:9 aspect ratio and easily folds back into a carrying bag when you store it away for next time. Just don’t forget the projector!

Firewire Grilling Skewers ($10)

Firewire Flexible grilling skewers

You can’t have a successful Memorial Day barbecue if you don’t prep some food beforehand. Make marinating, grilling, and even serving simpler with the Firewire Grill Skewer, a flexible wand that keeps all your food in place while allowing you to bend the stick into any direction. Now you can marinate the meat through the skewers and take it right to the grill when it’s ready. The flexible wand helps fit all the food on the grill so you can use every inch of space, and if you bend it into a loop, you can rest assured no one will be poking each other’s eyes out after they’ve eaten food off the skewer. The reuseable sticks also are dishwasher safe.

Revolve Collapsible Chair with mp3 playerrEvolve Collapsible Chair ($75)

You’ve set up the grill, you cooked the meat — now you’re ready to kick back with a cool beverage and watch what’s on that 120-inch projector screen. For maximum relaxation, this collapsible revolving chair is not only portable, you can turn 360 degrees to catch a glimpse of the entire party while you remain seated. It’s also got a cup holder and built-in speakers for you to blast your favorite tunes from your MP3 player or mobile phone. Setup is also simple: Just prop the chair upright, kick the stand in place, and lounge.

Zoku Quick Pops ($25, $37, or $50)

Zoku Pop Maker popsicle machineMmh, that corn on the cob sure was tasty. What’s for dessert? Wait, what do you mean you forgot to make them? No worries, the Zoku Quick Pops is here to save the day. Freezing popsicles in as little as seven minutes, the device can make cold, refreshing treats out of any ingredients you have lying around. Throw in some yogurt with some cut up fruits for a tasty snack, or even make adult treats with tequila and margarita mix for a boozy good time. Optionally, use the extra tools to create elaborate designs sure to impress everyone in the room. The machine comes in single-, double-, and triple-serving pop makers.

Outdoor Wine and Glass Holders ($15 and $12)

Wine glass holderAfter the long day in the sun, it’s time for a nightcap. However, this doesn’t mean you have to retreat indoors for your glass of wine; with the Outdoor Wine Bottle and Glass holders, you can have your drink out on the grass while looking out into the night sky. Just pierce the stick into your preferred spot and height and enjoy your drinks. “No spills, no thrills.” The Bottle and Glass holders are sold separately.

Music Dock (Varies)

Depending on the size of your venue and the power you want from the amps, we can’t give you a specific model best suited for your outdoor party. We can, however, provide you with our favorite iPod and iPhone speaker docks so you have the power of portability with our approval of awesome sound. For the top of the line, we love the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air. It’s beautiful, delivers room-filling music, and easy to set up. 

Of course, if you need more help on how to go about that grilling session, check out our Summer Barbecue Guide for full details on how to master the craft in quick and easy steps.

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