Chevy teases a lighter, resculpted 2016 Camaro before this weekend’s reveal

GM has been teasing the sixth-generation Camaro for weeks now, but this latest image is the best look we’ve had yet at the 2016 muscle car.

Chevrolet is highlighting the aerodynamic improvements of the new Camaro over the current generation with a profile shot of the coupe’s silhouette.

Engineers took 350 hours of wind-tunnel testing to craft the new Camaro’s shape. The testing yielded development of a new flush belly pan that stretches from the front of the car to the center of the vehicle. This single redesigned feature helped reduce total lift by 30 percent.

That pretty much sums up the new information, so I’ll recap the available information about the next-generation model as well.

Chevy has confirmed the Camaro will be offered with a 6.2-liter V8, and a turbocharged four-cylinder is rumored to be the new entry-level motor, replacing the V6. Each new Camaro will gain driving mode selections including for snow/ice, touring, and sport driving, while the SS will add a track-driving mode.

Magnetic ride control will be added to the Camaro SS as well, which has been a feature reserved for the ZL1 version until now. This will increase suspension stiffness for high-performance driving, while the damping rates will continually adjust depending on driving style. When the thrill ride is over, the suspension can revert to offering a softer ride to aid driver comfort. The new Camaro will never ride like a grand tourer or luxury car, but the ability to ease up on the harshness at the push of a button is a big leap for this segment.

Another new feature will be a dual-mode exhaust system, which can either muffle sound to fool the nearest officer, or open the gates of V8 hell to scare and/or excite bystanders.

Possibly the most important change for the sixth-generation Camaro will be the loss of 220 pounds, compared to the weight of the present generation. Combined with better aerodynamics and the option of a thriftier four-cylinder, there should be at least one version of the 2016 model that achieves acceptable fuel economy.

The new Camaro will debut May 16, during a special public event at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.

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