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The street-legal, track ready 2016 Dodge SRT Viper ACR bares its fangs

Dodge’s latest SRT Viper is already no joke. With the announcement of the 2016 Viper ACR, though, things really get serious.

Since its inception, the Viper has been a powerful, boisterous explosion of a sports car that is more often tamed than it is driven. In many Forms, the Viper went on to be a class leader in many endurance racing series, and the ACR brings that track-tested capability to the road in a street-legal package.

The track-ready Viper kicks things off with an Extreme Aero Package, featuring a huge, 73.8-inch adjustable rear wing, carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a unique SRT hood that sports removable louvers. The wing sits tall and as far back as possible to produce maximum downforce without getting in the way of straight line speed. All told, the extra body work can add about a whole ton of extra down force at its top speed of 177 mph.

2016 Dodge SRT Viper ACR

Under the hood remains the Viper’s 8.4-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine. A mild power boost means the motor will crank out 645 horsepower to the rear wheels and 600 pound-feet of torque. This is married to a six-speed manual, keeping things as raw as possible. A series suspension and chassis upgrades sees the ACR drop three inches lower than its vanilla counterpart, now capable of sustaining 1.5 g turns.

If the Viper ACR is promising to drive fast, then its got to be able to stop just as quickly, every time you need it to. New Brembo carbon ceramic matrix brakes are now fitted, designed to endure the punishment of the track with consistency. The new brakes have the larges brake pad area ever on a viper, and detachable front brake ducts can help keep calipers at the optimum temperature.

2016 Dodge SRT Viper ACR

The cabin of the ACR is about as race-ready as possible while retaining the few amenities that standard Viper hesitantly allows. Alcantara suede wraps around the steering wheel, matching the instrument panel and door armrests. High-bolstering seats also receive a touch of suede while the dashboard comes with a carbon fiber finish.

Those wishing to race the snake can expect to do so at the end of this year, when they can order a hand-built ACR of their own unique design.

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