This unofficial rendering of a Ford Taurus RS makes us want to see this bull run for real

Ford Taurus RS Rendering
With Ford putting all its hot cars under one roof with the Ford Performance line, we’ve got lots to look forward to. We’re already excited for car like the Focus RS, the new F-150 Raptor, and of course, the stunning Ford GT. With these promised out of the gate, fans can’t help but speculate what could come next, leading one such enthusiast to whip up what they think the Taurus would look like if given the RS treatment.

X-Tomi Design takes the latest version of Ford’s full size sedan, revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show, and gives it an aggressive makeover heavily inspired by the Focus RS. This is most apparent with the largely flared out front lip and facia apertures. They even manages to clean incorporate the lower front floodlights from the RS as well.

Around back, the bit we can see reveals a more aero-focused rear bumper with more aggressive contours to match the sporty side skirts. The Taurus looks even meaner and lower with its regular wheels swapped out for some impressive black alloys. A diminutive RS-badged rear wing tops off the whole package.

2016 Ford Taurus
The 2016 Ford Taurus

Is such a corn-fed Taurus in the works? Probably not, we’re sad to say. While the mighty sedan is the basis for law enforcement’s beloved Ford interceptor, the rest of its customers aren’t really looking for something so overtly mean.

The key word here is “overtly.” Taurus buyers so love having the SHO as their sleeper sports car, and the 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 saddled in the current iteration cooks up a very satisfying 365 horsepower. The latest generation Taurus will offer the 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6 exclusively in China. We’ve yet to hear news of a U.S. version, but when we do, we expect some stealth SHO muscle to accompany it, not the in-your-face RS version you see before you.

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