2Wheela concept: Double the fun, double the car

One of the things we love so much about concept cars is just how innovative they can be. Unfortunately designing a car bound for production often requires one to adhere to all sorts of pesky rules and natural laws (yeah, we’re calling you out here physics), but when it comes to concepts, all bets are off. Now we’ve seen a lot of interesting and rather eccentric designs over the years, but one such design that has truly piqued our interest is Andrej Kregar’s 2Wheela.

Despite its rather annoying name, Kregar’s concept is fairly refined, all things considered. While we can’t speak to the car’s drivetrain or comb over any engineering details (there aren’t any, really) the most intriguing aspect of the 2Wheela is by far its inventive modular form and subsequent functionality. That’s because the 2Wheela is essentially two vehicles in one.

When detached the concept takes the shape of two separate and sporty little two-wheeled cars, with all the added benefit and practicality a car of its size would typically provide. However, when extra room is needed, drivers can fuse both individual pieces of this automotive puzzle together for added utility. Think of it as the automotive equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. But the best part – because both cars can function independently of each other — when your passenger needs to head off to a different destination all you would need to do is simply pull over, detach yourself, and go your separate ways.

While we’re very impressed, we’re also very certain it’ll be a long time before a design like this actually happens. The 2Wheela certainly scores points in the coolness category, but there are still too many mechanical questions left to be answered: like where an engine would be placed and exactly how the car would seal up once detached. Nevertheless it’s still a refreshing take on the modern car and we have to tip our hats to those looking to think outside the box.