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Amazon and Hyundai partner on online car sales, in-car services

A 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe in front of a giant Amazon box.

At the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, Amazon and Hyundai announced a partnership that will bring Amazon Alexa Built-in apps to future Hyundai vehicles and will make Hyundai the first brand in Amazon’s planned foray into online car sales.

Starting in 2025, “next-generation” Hyundai vehicles will offer the same Alexa experience users get at home, the automaker’s announcement said. Drivers will be able to ask Alexa to play music podcasts or audiobooks, set reminders, update to-do lists, and check calendars, as well as control smart-home functions. The built-in Alexa functionality will also include real-time traffic and weather information, as well as voice control for navigation systems. “Certain” features will be available even when internet access is limited.

Hyundai also named Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its “preferred cloud provider.” It’s part of Hyundai’s goal to “become a more data-driven organization with a cloud-first technology strategy,” which the automaker believes will help make vehicle production more efficient, as well as create new in-car features. Hyundai has also implemented a new training and certification program for its engineers get educated in “critical cloud skills” to prepare for this transition.

Starting in 2024, Hyundai will also be the first brand in Amazon’s online car sales push. Customers will be able to shop for a car online through Amazon and then pick it up or have it delivered by a local dealership. Amazon and Hyundai claim the entire transaction can be done online; interaction with the dealership is limited to getting the keys. This lets customers search for available vehicles in their area without having to set foot on a dealer lot, while helping dealers advertise vehicles they already have in stock, according to Amazon. Even with options initially limited to Hyundai models, shoppers will still be able to search by color, trim level, and features to choose a specific car.

Hyundai also brought some actual cars to the 2023 L.A. Auto Show. The show marked the U.S. debut of the redesigned 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe crossover SUV, as well as the Ioniq 5 N, a performance version of the excellent Ioniq 5 EV. Both are scheduled to go on sale in 2024.

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