How to install Alexa in your car

These vehicle accessories will make Alexa your new ride-or-die

Adding Alexa’s digital assistant powers to your car is easier than ever thanks to a growing list of aftermarket devices. Most of these accessories are relatively easy to install, and buying is considerably cheaper than upgrading to a new car with Alexa compatibility built-in. Here are the best ways to ride with Alexa, regardless of what you drive.


muse speak music brings alexa to your car  dash activation

Speak Music’s Muse was one of the first Alexa car accessories to hit the market. All you do is connect the small device to your iPhone or Android phone using Bluetooth. From there, you can use all of Alexa’s regular functions. You can also control your car’s auto functions, like skipping songs and boosting volume by connecting to the car’s display through Bluetooth, USB, or auxiliary inputs. Though there isn’t any official word, it looks like the Muse may be discontinued in the near future, so you may want to take that into consideration before making a purchase.

Roav Viva Pro

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The Roav Viva Pro gives you Alexa, remote calling and a charging station for your phone, all in one. It also has a convenient mute button that turns off the device’s mic. To get started, you plug Viva Pro into your car’s cigarette lighter, then connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, AUX-Out, or FM transmission.

Echo Auto

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Amazon has come out with its own answer to Alexa auto accessories with the Echo Auto. The boxy device plugs into your car’s USB port or lighter, then you use the Alexa app to set it up. The device allows you to use all of Alexa’s regular functions, including hands-free calling, and has a mute button for the mic. It has eight microphones to hear commands over road noise, so you won’t need to shout “play Blink 182!” four times before Aliens Exist comes on.

Garmin Speak

how to install alexa in your car garmin speak

Garmin Speak stands out among other Alexa car devices for two reasons. First, it has a display that shows turn-by-turn navigation, which is super handy for the directionally impaired. Second, it mounts to your car’s window, so it doesn’t clutter up your dash. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth and its own app and gives you access to all of Alexa’s features.

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