Are you fit for the Fit? Honda wants to know


Honda hasn’t exactly been quick on the uptake when it comes to electric vehicles. Unlike fellow Japanese companies Nissan and Toyota, Honda has lagged behind in bringing to market an EV for the masses. But before Honda let’s you into the electric club, it wants to see if you’re the right, well, Fit.

Customers wishing to get green and clean with the Fit EV this summer will need to take what Honda is calling its “readiness assessment test”  to determine whether or not your driving needs match up well with what the electric Fit has to offer, and if you are a suitable lease candidate.

Similar to the BMW’s ActiveE and Honda’s own hydrogen fuel cell FCX Clarity lease program, Honda’s Fit EV leasing program will allow the company to gather valuable feedback from customers leasing the car and will no doubt help shape future models and address any issues that arise.

While first deliveries of the Fit EV have already made their way to the city of Torrance, California for an initial trial in the city’s fleet, Honda will also offer the opportunity to lease the car to residents of Oregon. Unfortunately if you’re interested, but not living in California or Oregon, you’re out of luck for now.

Once the logistics have been sorted out Honda still wants to know all your dirty little driving details. Ok, not really, but they do want to know things like how many miles your daily commute is and will use that to determine eligibility (less is more in this instance).

Honda is estimating a total of 123 miles of city driving and 95 miles highway driving, unadjusted – with an adjusted combined range of 76 miles based on EPA testing metrics.

Finally, Honda wants to know exactly how you will receive the bulk of your electric juice: are you going to charge at home, or will you primarily be using charging stations?

If your curiosity levels are rising – and you live in either of the trial states – take the Honda Fit EV readiness assessment, and let us know how you did!