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Aston Martin’s DB11 sports car will be the first of the brand’s all-new lineup

Aston Martin DB11 Rendering
Autocar's rendering of the 2016 Aston Martin DB11
It would appear that not only will the upcoming Aston Martin DB11 be the brand’s staple sports car, replacing the DB9, but it will also be the launching point for an all-new model range with unique styling and AMG-sourced engines.

Over the next five years, CEO Andy Palmer plans to redesign or replace all of the UK automaker’s core sports cars with completely re-engineered products from the ground up.

Power will come from overhauled versions of the traditional V12 and newly-introduced AMG V8s. Should the DB11 use AMG’s 4.0-liter V8, it will deliver between 456 and 503 horsepower. As for the V12, Aston Martin could fit twin-turbochargers and reduce the engine’s displacement for output in the 550 hp range.

The DB11’s design will be inspired by recent concepts like the DBX crossover and the CC100 and will be the first all-new look for Aston Martin’s iconic sports car since the DB9 was introduced in 2004. Why DB11, not DB10? Most likely, because Aston Martin wanted to distinguish between the DB10 models in the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre, and the sports car consumers would actually be able to purchase.

Aston Martin DBX front angle
Aston Martin DBX Crossover Concept

The DB11 won’t just be a new face, it will gain a re-worked chassis that is engineered to be scalable for other models. The architecture will be developed in-house rather than borrowing components or design from the Mercedes-AMG GT. In addition to the new underpinnings, the DB11 will use a lightweight suspension with double wishbones front and rear, and with some parts likely being sourced from Mercedes-Benz.

For those who are most interested in the driving experience, Andy Palmer has reportedly demanded a manual gearbox be developed for the DB11 (the current DB9 is only available with a six-speed automatic) to complement a ZF eight-speed automatic.

As for the DB11’s interior, thanks to a lengthened body, the rear seats will be much more accommodating of full-size adults and the entire cabin will have more space. The dash will be redesigned for a cleaner look while Aston Martin plans to replace its tired infotainment system with a new one from Mercedes-Benz.

Following the DB11’s introduction early next year, Aston Martin plans to introduce a Volante (convertible) variant six to twelve months thereafter, a new Vantage in 2017, the DBX crossover in 2019, a replacement for the Rapide in 2020, and an all-new Vanquish flagship in the same year.

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