Aston Martin teaches drivers how to slide like James Bond … in the snow

It seems that ever since the James Bond movie Die Another Day, 007 fans have been enthralled with the vivid image of Pierce Brosnan flying across snow and ice in an Aston Martin Vanquish.

Finally, your real-life James Bond experience has become a reality. Following the success of its ice-driving program held last month, Aston Martin scheduled a followup program for next year.

Not to destroy any life long dreams, but, sadly, Aston will not provide all of the Q accessories found in Brosnan’s Vanquish. However, participants will be able to throw a Vanquish sideways in the snow and hone their winter weather driving skills.

The program is located at a private ranch in Crested Butte, Colorado. The driving experts will teach students how to brake, corner, and handle the car before sending them on a mile-long ice track. If it isn’t already a luxurious enough experience, Aston Martin will also provide posh accommodations on the ranch and the option to ski or snowmobile at your convenience.

Does the idea of kicking up snow seem unappealing? No worries, Aston Martin also offers a Route of the Rockies drive in June. These programs are here to stay, but I would not be surprised if next year’s course is filled already.

Watch the video of a few Astons sliding around a snow track in Switzerland. Don’t get too excited; Pierce Brosnan is not being chased by villains and no live missiles were fired.