Audi to include super-techy ‘Matrix Beam’ headlights on 2015 A8 – but not in the USA

Audi matrix beam

Back in February we brought you an in-depth look into some of the lighting technologies currently in the works at Audi. One of our favorites was the Matrix Beam headlight system.

Matrix Beam takes into account satellite navigation location, as well as onboard video camera images to adjust lighting. The system is so precise, however, that Matrix Beam is capable of illuminating “the areas between several vehicles in complex situations,” according to an Audi press release, which is demonstrated in the photo in the above photo gallery with the man holding a flashlight and two beams of light on either side of him.

Delightfully, we have learned by way of Motor Authority that Audi has dialed-in the Matrix Beam system and will be implementing it into the refreshed 2015 A8. Sadly, it won’t be coming to the States.

Why not? Presently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires automakers to have both a high- and low-beam setting on the headlights. Since the Matrix Beam would do both automatically, Audi does not include such a switch. Audi and several other European automakers have petitioned the NHTSA to change and update these regulations so that they better reflect the current state of lighting technology. Good luck with that, Audi and friends.

Audi is set to unveil the refreshed A8 with Matrix Beam headlights at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. We’ll be on the floor bringing you the latest so be sure to check back.

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