Audi unveils futuristic A2 electric concept


Audi officially revealed today its new A2 electric concept at this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. With an all-electric drivetrain, Audi calls the super-compact vehicle the “future of electric mobility.” And it has the look to back it up.

Measuring a mere 12.7-feet in length, the A2 makes the most of its small stature, with enough room to fit four people comfortably, according to the company’s official announcement. But its economical use of space is far from the A2’s most impressive feature. The car also includes a glass roof, which stays dark by default. With a push of a button, the roof instantly turns transparent, giving the small vehicle’s tight interior a roomy feel. 

Another feature unique to the A2 is a band of “dynamic” lighting, which runs the length of the car, just below the windows, giving the A2 a straight-from-the-future look. The band of light isn’t just for looks, however. It also includes integrated “approach sensors” that detect when the car’s owner is next to the vehicle, who can unlock the doors using only gesture controls. 

While the car is in driving, the light band serves as an added indicator, making the car easier to spot on the road. When the brakes are applied, red light flows forward, with increased illumination as the car’s brakes are applied more heavily. This safety feature shows other drivers how heavily the brakes are being applied. 

Inside, Audi has replaced conventional turn signal and wiper stalks with touch-panel controls. The A2 also comes loaded with built-in Wi-Fi Internet, which has become a standard feature in next-generation electric vehicles. (Though, a recent study shows that this isn’t necessarily a good thing.)

In terms of performance, the A2’s all-electric drivetrain delivers 116 hp through a single speed transmission — not the most ponies you’ve ever heard of, sure. But seeing as the A2 weighs just over 2,500 pounds, the small electric motor enables the compact car to go from 0 to 62 mph in 9.3 seconds, which is just slightly slower than its rival, the BMW i3 concept. The A2 has a maximum speed of 93 mph.

Seeing as the A2 is a concept vehicle, we can’t expect to see this whizzing past us on the highway anytime soon. But it does give us an indication of what the roadway might be populated with in years to come.

See more photos of the A2 below: