Performance priced right: The 5 best sports cars under $30,000

Sports cars are not a practical buying decision. No one ponders the familial or utilitarian needs of his or her life and settles on a sports car as the solution. A performance car is a passion purchase – it prioritizes driving enjoyment over cargo capacity, comfort, convenience, and often reliability. That’s not to say sports cars can’t be practical, but that trait is more a bonus that a requirement.

So who buys sports cars? Due to the vast price range, performance level, and yes, practicality of the world’s best sports cars, these vehicles don’t fit neatly into a single consumer demographics. Wealthier individuals purchase grand touring and ultra high performance vehicles. A family man or woman without a stable of cars may purchase a four-door or hatchback sports car. A young enthusiast constrained by a budget shops for entry-level models. There’s something for everyone.

In an effort to sift through the clutter of available vehicles, we’ve assembled a list of the five best sports cars priced under $30,000. Got a different budget? Don’t worry, there will be more lists to come at higher and lower price points.

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