BMW X4? What will the Bavarians do with yet another crossover?

2013 BMW X6 front three quarterBMW plans to expand its range of crossovers yet again with a new model called X4. While rumors of this new addition to the lineup have been circulating for months, BMW didn’t confirm the X4’s existence until a recent press conference.

At the company’s annual accounts press conference, Norbert Reithhofer, chairman of BMW’s board of management, said the X4 will debut next year. He didn’t mention any details about the car, but it is possible to glean some meaning from its name.

“X” means this vehicle will be a crossover, the like X1, X3, and X5, while “4” means it will probably be a coupe. That is, if you think the four-door X5-based X6 (pictured) is a “coupe.”

BMW reserves even numbers for cars with more expressive styling, whether they be straight two-door versions of sedans (4 Series, 6 Series), “four-door coupes,” (6 Series Gran Coupe) or the aforementioned X6.

Just as the 4 Series (the new name for the 3 Series coupe and convertible) is the baby brother to the 6 Series, the X4 will probably be a smaller version of the X6. It seems likely that it will be based on the X3.

Hopefully, BMW will turn the X3’s chassis into a fully-realized, standalone design like the 6 Series Gran Coupe, instead of just chopping its top, as it did with the X6.

BMW hopes to have a concept version of the X4 ready for April’s Shanghai Motor Show. We’ll have more information on this crossover and its purpose then.