BMW’s future M car will be taking inspiration from the classic E30 M3

BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution

Remember back in 2011 when the sensational BMW 1 series M blew our minds with how fun it was? well, it looks like BMW is looking for lighting to strike twice with a successor, and it may take inspiration from one of the automaker’s most celebrated past models.

BMW design director Adrian van Hooydonk spoke to Autocar about the future M car that’s on its way, indicating that the E30 M3 will be looked at in large part, with many cues taken from it. While it’s not for certain, its likely that the 2 Series, BMW’s entry-level coupe, will be the basis of the upcoming M.

BMW M4, BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution

The BMW M4 Coupe and the BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution

The E30 was the chassis of the second generation of 3 Series two-door coupes BMW produced, which later saw four-door sedan and touring versions made shortly after. The first M3 was introduced in 1985 on this platform which saw a lot of action in all sorts of motorsport series and saw many improvements done to the body to improve aerodynamics. This body style has since become indelible in the minds of BMW fans.

It’s that same focus to airflow that Hooydonk and his team will endeavor to bring to the new M car. “With M cars, we try to get the downforce right without moveable aero. It’s the most authentic way,” he says.

The 1 Series M similarly was identifiable with its flared body work and gaping intakes, so we’d imagine the new M2 to sport something similar. We’re not super concerned with the looks, frankly, we just want it to be half as fun as its predecessor.