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The Bugatti Chiron needed just 42 seconds to break a world record

Bugatti Chiron
It would be reasonable to assume that, when priced at $3 Million a pop, Bugatti’s Chiron sales would be slow. Then again, in the world of supercars, assumptions and logic don’t always factor into purchase decisions. This would explain why 300 of the 500 planned Chiron production units have been spoken for in less than a year.

To move the remaining 200 vehicles, Bugatti needs to empower prospective customers with bragging rights. 1,500 horsepower, sixteen cylinders, and a 2.3-second sprint to 60 mph is a good start, but the 0.1 percent want more. How about a world record for acceleration and braking between 0 and 249 mph?

This past August, Juan Pablo Montoya, winner of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix (once), Indy 500 (twice), and Daytona 24 Hours (three times) took the Chiron on a thrill ride that resulted in a new world record. In a test supervised and officially certified by SGS-TUV Saar, the Chiron needed only 3.1km and 41.96 seconds to rocket to 249 mph (400 kph) and return to 0 mph.

“It is really impressive how stable and consistent the Chiron is,” remarked Montoya. “Its acceleration and braking are simply incredible.”

The numbers would agree with you, Mr. Montoya. Though the world record for top speed eludes the Chiron, its tremendous acceleration and braking cannot be overlooked. Rumor has it Bugatti is leaving some room on the Chiron’s top speed for a hotter version to claim the world record, and this test suggests whatever is coming will be mental.

Having spent a brief moment behind the wheel of the new Chiron, I can attest to the overwhelming impression the car produces. Whatever your definition of fast may be, the Chiron will reset your standard. The Chiron thrusts and decelerates so viciously that my neck and back muscles were sore the next day.

Unlike the Veyron, Bugatti also endowed the Chiron with world-class handling. This record shows off just one dimension to the Chiron’s performance. In this author’s humble opinion, Bugatti needs to put the Chiron on a famous racing circuit like, oh, I don’t know, the Nurburgring, to show just how much of an all-around titan it has built.

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