CAMAL envisions an 800-horsepower Bugatti-powered hybrid supercar for off-road duty

Imagine the strangest vehicular juxtaposition possible. Might that take the form of a V8-powered trike? Though that would certainly be an interesting mash-up, the latest idea from CAMAL may have it beat.

The Turin-based designer has released images of its “Ramusa” project, a hybrid supercar with its sights set on unpaved roads. Motor1 reports that the Ramusa, or “lizard” in Piedmontese, will be created with increased ground clearance, an all-wheel drive setup, and a Bugatti EB110-sourced 3.5-liter V12 quad-turbo engine. The monstrous powertrain is linked to the rear wheels via a six-speed transmission while an electric motor forces the front ones into motion.

Though the design sketches help, it’s still exceedingly difficult to picture this Frankenstein automobile.

With combined output of over 800 horsepower, the Ramusa is far beefier than perhaps its closest rival, the Ariel Nomad, which slinks along with a comparatively measly 300 hp. In addition to its supercar-rivaling power figures, the Ramusa offers 250 mm (9.8 inches) of ground clearance though it only sits 51 inches tall.

Its body is styled with exposed carbon fiber and plastic cladding, furthering the two-faced oddity of its design. It’s also worth mentioning that the engine and chassis comes from a vehicle that ceased production more than two decades ago and was only ever intended for being an absurdly fast road-car. Should CAMAL’s plans for a limited production run materialize, expect the Ramusa’s underpinnings to be sourced from something significantly more contemporary.

I find it my duty to advise all three interested buyers to consider how your new million-dollar-plus off-road supercar would look after its encounter with that boulder you didn’t see because you were barreling along a dirt road propelled by 800 hp. Just food for thought.