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OSVehicle’s Tabby goes from pile of parts to road-going runabout in a matter of hours

We have all been in the situation before: your car hits a pothole and your waiting for AAA. While you sit there, you seethe, thinking of the wasted time. So why not do something productive with that time? Heck, why don’t you build a car?

It sounds crazy but OSVehicle‘s first offering – the Tabby – can be built in one to four hours.

Now there is a catch, because the speedy process of building your quick get away does not include doors or a windshield. Ask any Jeep Wrangler owner and they’ll let you know that doors are way overrated anyway. A windshield might be tough to argue with, though.

Fortunately for those who have a need to drive the Tabby on the street, an upgraded version is available that includes enough bodywork to make it street legal.

OSV is taking pre-orders for its starter package which covers both the two- and four-seater options starting around $675. Add a battery pack, electric powertrain, and upgraded seats and the price quickly climbs to around $4000. With all of this included, you can call yourself the proud owner of a runabout that rivals the villainous chic of Dr. Evil’s golf cart.

OSV is also looking to expand the vehicle’s selection of motors to three electric motors, a hybrid (a 125cc engine coupled with a 15kW motor) and an internal combustion engine, with choices ranging from 50cc to 250c. You know, for those who lust for that Mario Kart-like real world experience.

The best part of all this is the Tabby is open forum, allowing car junkies everywhere to share ideas to make their Tabbys the coolest cat on the block.

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