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Cardi’s Concept 442 is the sci-fi Aston Martin of our dreams

A coachbuilder based in Moscow, Russia, is looking to extend the Aston Martin DB9’s life by turning it into a luxurious full-size coupe.

Cardi has made extensive modifications to the DB9, and the Concept 442 shares virtually no styling cues with the Aston Martin it traces its roots to. Computer-generated renderings reveal that the 442 boasts a completely new front end with a wide horizontal grille positioned low on the front fascia, and small headlights mounted far apart to emphasize the coupe’s generous width. When viewed from the side, the 442 features a much longer roof line than the DB9, and Cardi has removed the B-pillar to obtain a more eye-catching look. Finally, the back end gets tail lamps connected by a light bar, a short trunk lid, and horizontal trim that mimics the radiator grille.

The clean, understated look continues inside. While the DB9’s cabin is terribly dated, the Concept 442 features an almost retro-inspired interior with an uncluttered dashboard accented by a large piece of wood, and a touch screen discreetly integrated into the center console. The Aston’s analog instrument cluster has been replaced with a screen, and the steering is commanded through a three-spoke wheel that looks like it was shipped straight from the 1970s.

Cardi isn’t planning on making any mechanical modifications, meaning power for the Concept 442 will be provided by a naturally aspirated 5.9-liter V12 engine borrowed from the DB9 parts bin. Aston has built numerous variants of the engine so we don’t know precisely how much power the 442’s unit will produce, but its output will lie between 444 and 540 horsepower. Rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission will come standard.

The Concept 442 was penned to celebrate Cardi’s 25th birthday, and the company insists it will become a reality sooner or later. However, key details such as when the car will be available, how many examples will be built, and how much each one will cost haven’t been published yet.

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