Surf’s up! Chevy embraces coastal living, creates surf-inspired Corvette Stingrays

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The new Corvette Stingray seems to be a never-ending source for news and excitement.

From its release to the unveiling of the mental Z06, to the appearance of the Z06 Convertible, car lovers just haven’t been able to take their attention away from the mighty ‘Vette. Now there is even more reason to oggle; Chevy has given the go-ahead for special editions first debuted at SEMA this fall.

The two design packages, the Atlantic Convertible and the Pacific Coupe, kick the already gorgeous Stingray all the way up to eleven – at least on looks. Mechanically the two editions don’t change much. Frankly, I am not sure that I care.


The Atlantic Convertible takes a little bit of the hardcore edge off of the Corvette, to create more of a grand tourer. The package, available only on Z51 convertibles, has a number of fun editions. The most noticeable being the “Chrome Torque” wheels that – to my eye – look like the blades of a turbine.

Other add-ons include custom Shark Grey interior vents, hood graphics, a front splitter, and – of course – custom luggage. The total effect is subtle, but nice. It is like taking a brash musclebound football player and cramming him into an exquisitely cut suit.

The Pacific Coupe, on the other hand, is a bit more like taking that football player and putting him on meth. The car goes for a track look, with racing stripes, angry black wheels, a carbon fiber ground effects package, and a visible weave carbon roof.

Inside you get Competition Sport seats and carbon fiber trim. While most of these things won’t actually help you go faster – though, the carbon fiber roof might do a little – they will certainly make you look fast. And, when you are stuck in traffic on Hollywood Boulevard, that’s really the point.

What Chevy hasn’t done is release prices. My guess is that you will pay dearly for these packages. It may not be a good investment, but on the other hand can you put a price on awesomeness? Well … probably yes.