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Jezza, Captain Slow, and the Hamster will reunite for Top Gear Live Tour

Top Gear Live
Top Gear Live
The bombshell of Jeremy Clarkson being dropped from Top Gear last week was very much like the season one finale of Game of Thrones: Nobody expected that the main character was going to get the axe, but he did, leaving us all uncertain about what happens next. (and don’t give me the “spoilers” talk, that was four years ago). Fortunately, some fans won’t have to wait long to see the trio reunited.

Some people night not be aware of this, but Top Gear is more than just a television show. There’s a Top Gear magazine that runs independently of the BBC program as well as “Top Gear Live,” a sort of traveling version of the show in which hosts Clarkson, Hammond, and May perform many of their antics in arenas. Along with the car stunts that accompany them, the three are a big part of the draw, as one would expect.

After Jezza’s “fracas,” the remaining scheduled live shows were in the same jeopardy as the remaining episodes of the TV show’s season. Top Gear Magazine now reports that those shows will go on, with everyone still involved… just without the “Top Gear” part.

“ …BBC Worldwide has agreed with our joint venture partner Brand Events that the remainder of the tour can continue,” a spokesperson stated. “These events will not, however, feature any BBC Top Gear branding or content. We believe this is a sensible approach in the circumstances.”

The tour will now be renamed “Clarkson, Hammond and May Live” and should continue as planned, although its hard to guess what bits of the show the BBC might lay claim to. Yes, stuff like the branding and the reworked Jessica theme tune are expected to go, but would the company pull segments? Will it say that they built the comical P45 that’s been used in the show?

Only the people who are attending the upcoming shows will know for sure. Right now, it’s like the uncomfortable fallout after the collapse of a long term relationship: The two involved parties are sorting out what belongs to whom, taking down pictures, and trying to figure out how to continue. We’re the folks on the outside that are friends with both of them who knew how much one needed the other, and that neither will be the same.

The show tour will resume in Sydney on April 25th, reuniting the crew publicly for the first time since they’ve been on suspension following Jeremy’s reporting of the incident. No doubt there will be many jokes concerning the whole ordeal, being jobless, and the importance of a warm steak dinner.

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