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Heads up: That new Mercedes you bought might burst into flames

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Following reports of more than 50 fires related to its luxury vehicles, Daimler AG has announced the recall of one million Mercedes-Benz cars. Many of the vehicles affected by the recall are newer models, and are apparently at risk of catching fire.

While no injuries or deaths have been reported in relation to the fires, the German automaker is getting ahead of the problem and will be replacing necessary parts for cars in the U.S. come July, when the hardware becomes available. The problem appears to be related to a faulty fuse. Daimler noted that the necessary fix has already been implemented in new vehicles currently in production, and those that are already in dealers’ lots will be fixed before they make their way into customers’ driveways.

“Any affected vehicles in inventory will not be sold until they can be outfitted with the additional fuse,” said a Mercedes-Benz spokesman. Nearly a third of the vehicles affected are in the U.S. — 307,629 to be exact. Reuters pointed out that this is 40,000 units fewer than the number Mercedes-Benz reported to American regulators.

It is unclear as of yet where other affected vehicles may be located, though the three biggest markets for the car brand are the United States, China, and Germany. The U.S., however, saw the most of the reported fires, with 30 of the 51 occurring in the country. If you’re the owner of a newer-model Mercedes-Benz in the U.S., you may be receiving a notification in late March. Daimler hasn’t revealed when owners in other markets will be notified.

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