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For a car with some Robert Downey, Jr. history, get to eBay Motors

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Car collectors or Robert Downey, Jr. fans, check this one out. In a classic brother-sister harassment moment, Robert Downey, Jr., told his sister to hop in his car for a ride home and then, as she reached for the door, he burned out. And the car he burned out in, a 1970 Pontiac GTO two door hardtop is listed on eBay Motors.

The starting bid for the GTO is $21,500 with a Buy It Now price of $24,500. The auction ends Monday, November 7 at 2:07 p.m. ET. According to the owner, he’s parting with his first “car love affair.” He states that a local collector originally owned the car but he bought it years ago.

This GTO is an early 70’s muscle car, but it’s not stock. In fact, the owner says the numbers don’t match — meaning the body and engine and some or all major components don’t have original serial numbers or stamping that indicate they were in the original car when sold new.

The car looks nice in the medium distance eBay photos, but the owner attests that it’s in Good to Very Good condition, with minor paint blemishes and scratches, showing normal wear. The interior is “mostly original with factory dyed seats, but new repro door panels and carpeting. The shifter isn’t original, there’s an original Judge spoiler on the back lid, and a reproduction tachometer is on the hood. The dash is from a Pontiac LeMans. So there are many non-original features, but that’s not really the point of this car.

The owner states it’s “mildly modified” for performance, and then gets into the specifics in the listing, more than will fit here. Basically, it has a rebuilt 455 engine with ported heads, a Ram-Air system, Holley carburetor, and a whole lot more mated to a Turbo 400 transmission. There are many performance and racing parts in the car but, just as it’s not a pristine original model, it’s not a race car. It’s a performance hobby car that it sounds like the owner had a lot of fun with.

So, not a clean classic and not a race car, but the ’70 Pontiac has a pedigree because it was in a movie and maybe most of all, Robert Downey, Jr. drove it, or at least a stunt double did. So far no one has placed a bid on the GTO auction page, but 46 potential bidders are watching, so that means the bidding action, if it happens, will likely be in the last few minutes unless someone decides to snag it for the Buy It Now price.

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