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Keep your keys and your car safe with the FoxxVault

There’s no frustration quite as keen as getting locked out of your car, but now, there’s a new Kickstarter project on a mission to ensure that you never feel that particular kind of frustration ever again. Meet the FoxxVault, heralded as the world’s first smart license plate vault that wants to protect you from your own forgetfulness, and your keys from everyone else.

Promising an impenetrable design and user-friendly interface, the FoxxVault allows you to stow your keys in a safe, inconspicuous place. The license-plate vault can be locked and unlocked either via your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, or manually with a combination.

Made of high carbon steel and featuring a weld-less unibody construction, as well as reinforced wall and structural supports, this license plate vault is said to be pretty much indestructible. Plus, thanks to shrouded exterior seams, anti-pry lap joints, and interior mounted hinges, even if someone sees you putting your keys (or other valuables) into your license plate, they won’t be able to penetrate the vault. And as for the smartphone app, thanks to dual-state data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and SSL certificate pinning, you won’t have to worry about getting hacked.

FoxxVault was developed after founder Brett Pellicano decided to quickly “hide” his keys in an unlocked gas-cap. But when he returned to his parking space hours later, his car was nowhere to be found. As Pellicano noted, the experience gave him “a real cognitive understanding of the unintended consequences of my false sense of security.” Thus was born the FoxxVault.

But the vault does more than simply store your key. As per the product’s Kickstarter page, the FoxxVault boasts self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART). This means that it’s equipped with sensors, accelerometers, and Bluetooth capabilities, so you’re able to share access and track the location of both your vehicle and your key. Plus, with its automated crash notification system (FoxxACNS), you can be notified of changes in a vehicle’s acceleration and deceleration, so in case of a crash, you’ll be immediately notified. If you happen to be driving the vehicle during an accident, FoxxACNS will work in conjunction with your smartphone to automatically ping your vehicle location and crash information to predetermined emergency contacts.

You can pre-order the FoxxVault now for $149. Shipment is anticipated in June 2018.

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