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‘GlassTesla’ app harnesses the power of Google Glass to control your Model S


Are you lucky enough to own a pair of Google Glass and a Tesla Model S? Well then, you’re in luck. Pepperdeck founder Sahas Katta has just released the first Google Glass app for the exciting EV at

Billed as “wearable computing meets the electric car,” Glass Tesla allows Google Glass users to check the charge status of their Model S, view where the vehicle is currently located, check and operate climate controls remotely, as well as unlock their car through Google’s new device.

Speaking with Sahas last week, he told me that this would indeed be the first Tesla app using Google’s wearable platform and that the development process was done without any involvement or help from Tesla Motors.

While Google and Tesla seem like perfect bedfellows, and both Google Glass and Tesla’s Model S are arguable the hottest pieces of tech right now, Sahas was less than confident his app would be met with approval from Tesla, believing that the California-based automaker could very well ask him to shut down his operation.

As for the reason behind developing the app, Sahas had this to say in an email:

“I just happened to be fortunate enough to have access to Google Glass and a Tesla Model S so I decided to put the two together! I wanted to truly highlight the potential of how wearable computing can have a role in our everyday lives. While both the Model S and Glass are out of reach for the masses, it won’t be the case within a year or so from now.”

As for what the Glass Tesla can do now, the features are already rather robust. While the Glass Tesla site is a little vague in describing what the app can do, according to its creator, the app can:

– View vehicle charging status. Start or stop charging via Glass. The charge port can also be opened remotely without having to get back into the car.

– Locate your Model S on a map and get directions to it. You can even honk the horns or flash the headlights if you still can’t spot it.

– See whether the doors, trunks, or sunroof is open/closed. Glass Tesla also allows you to unlock your car remotely and control the sunroof, too.

– View the car’s interior and exterior temperatures. With a single tap, the app enables “auto climate” to either cool or heat the vehicle to an optimal temperature remotely.

Sahas also tells us a number of features are in the works down the road, including the ability to get alerts when the Model S’ panic alarm is triggered, receive a push notification once the car finishes charging, and even support for more voice commands such as “ok, glass: lock my car” or “ok, glass: open the trunk” etc.

Tesla + Glass: A match made in techie heaven? Tell us what you think in comments

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