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The Jaguar F-Pace is the latest victim of a tuner’s bad dream turned reality

For any number of reasons — greater performance, a more eye-catching design, or simply to give customers that bespoke feeling — independent vehicle tuners take stock or even factory-modified cars and attempt to push the envelope.

Sometimes, good things happen. Just look at this RUF CTR Yellow Bird that was unveiled in Geneva. RUF’s reinvention of its 1987 model is a stunning display of a Porsche 911’s potential. Of course, sitting opposite the RUF at this year’s Geneva Motor Show was Gemballa’s trainwreck of modified Porsches. Sadly, for every RUF, there are 10 Gemballas.

Which brings us to the Jaguar F-Pace. We here at Digital Trends absolutely love the look, feel, and performance of Jag’s first crossover — unmodified. Hamann, on the other hand, saw the F-Pace and thought, “this needs more bling.”

Introducing the Hamann F-Pace. Currently on display at the Geneva show is this modified wonder. ECU tunes for both the F-Pace S (supercharged V6) and F-Pace 30d (diesel V6) bump output to 410 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque for the gas model, and 340hp and 575 lb-ft. of torque for the diesel. These modest increases probably won’t do much to reduce engine life or turn the F-Pace into a rocket ship, but they’ll definitely void your warranty.

In terms of design, Hamann added new front and rear bumpers, built a custom diffuser, replaced the exhaust system with four large oval outlets, and installed 23-inch Anniversary Evo II wheels. While the modifications don’t quite go “full Gemballa,” it’s still hard to call these changes improvements.

In the end, customers who are willing to shell out the extra cash (pricing for Hamann’s kit has yet to be announced) for something “unique” will keep Hamann in business. Too bad it comes at the expense of Jaguar’s suave crossover.

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