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Find a parking space easily with Here, if you drive an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes

here parking spot mercedes amg gt roadster  r 190 2016
If you’re driving an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, you already spent enough money on your car. So stop wasting money looking for a parking spot.

Thanks to their recent acquisition of digital map service Here, these three luxury car brands will be sharing real-time information regarding parking availability and roadworks, as well as gathering data on traffic conditions and road signs. This information will then be used to help drivers along their merry way, and all information will be integrated directly into the car. That means no more checking your phone as you attempt to navigate crowded parking lots or busy streets.

The new feature from Here is slated to begin rolling out in 2017 and will include a veritable treasure trove of information for drivers, including vehicle speed, location and direction, sharp braking, and fog light activation, the BBC reports. And while Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are the first three carmakers to incorporate Here’s Open Location Platform, it seems that other companies will soon join the club.

While other services exist to provide similar information, the vast majority require users to access a smartphone app, which can be dangerous — and in some places, illegal. But the Here feature will require absolutely nothing from users other than to be a vigilant driver — which ostensibly, they are already doing.

Not only will car owners be able to find available parking spaces, but they will also be able to check out other details about their destination — even payment options for where they will be leaving their car. “Here believes that industry collaboration is essential to address the major challenges faced by road users everywhere,” said CEO Edzard Overbeek in a statement announcing the new partnerships. “What we are seeing today is the technology and automotive industries coming together to create services that will elevate the driving experience for billions.”

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