Honda Goes a Little Nuts with the P-Nut

For those not content with the looks they get cruising around the city in a tricked out rice burner, ground-pounding muscle car, or astride an ear-shattering Harley, Honda has something different entirely. Although, a lot like a Segway, it might elicit as many laughs as looks.


Honda revealed the concept P-Nut, or Personal Neo Urban Transport, at a press conference on Wednesday. The car company says the quirky three-seater has been designed “exclusively around the city lifestyle.”

Dave Marek, director of R&D for Honda Americas, said the center driving position and greenhouse-style glass roof both contribute to an open view that minimizes obstructions for passengers. As a side effect, the staggered seating also pushes legroom far beyond what driver and passenger would typically get in a car with such a short wheelbase. A great trick – if you don’t mind playing chauffeur to two passengers.


Although still clearly in concept form, Honda says the rear powertrain compartment could eventually be equipped with a small-displacement gasoline engine, hybrid, or pure electric drivetrain.


Let’s just hope the production model has enough tint to hide you from the outside world should you ever end up inside of one.