Ignore the botched Photoshop job, this Mustang shooting brake is boss

ignore photo shop botch job mustang shooting brake boss strand craft

The Strand Craft Mustang shooting brake rendering is cool. But imagine how cool it would be if they had spent more than eight seconds in MS Paint creating it.

When Callaway released its Aerowagon Corvette Stingray shooting brake renderings earlier this year, I nearly fainted from sheer pleasure. And just moments ago, I once again had to break out the smelling salts when I saw the wondrous – if not hastily created – rendering you see above.

It’s from Strand Craft and it is of a Mustang shooting brake that – if I understand the press release correctly – will be built in April 2014.

If you think the MS Paint job on that rendering is bad; wait until you read the release that accompanies it (by way of Motor Authority):

“Strand Craft is proud to announce a new product line in addition to it’s already famous Super Yachts. In production is a Sport Touring wagon, based on Shelby GT 500 wide body..a real American dream car. There will be only one available for purchase in April 2014. This desirable one of a kind vehicle will be build by a world renowned concept car builder in Los Angeles. Design by Kurt Strand. A fast high performance sports car, powered by a super charged 5,8 L DOHC engine with 850 horsepower (0-60 sprint of 3,3 seconds) This unique car comes fully loaded. Recaro seats and a complete grain leather interior, even the trunk makes the car outstanding. The interior is finished with a luxurious 7 channel audio system specially built by McIntosh. McIntosh delivers peak audio output at 1.000 watts with crystal clear sound.”

Ignore the European commas in place of periods – and vise versa – and you get a picture of what they mean. This 850-horsepower Mustang GT500 shooting brake will be built in LA for what I assume is one lucky buyer.

Despite the undeniable sketchiness of the image and written explanation, I can’t help but be head-over-heels for this car. I was glad when all Mustang bodies went to fastback but why Ford hasn’t even created a shooting brake form yet boggles my mind. It’s a clear winner.

Perhaps if Callaway sells more than eight Aerowagons, perhaps a more legitimate aftermarket Mustang tuner will take up the task and build a Mustang shooting brake you can actually buy.

Here’s to hoping.