Infiniti previews QX30 Concept ahead of Geneva Motor Show debut

Infiniti QX30 Concept

Whether it was the Q60 Concept, Vision Gran Turismo, or Q80 Inspiration, Infiniti has been making waves at auto shows recently.

With the 2015 Geneva Motor Show coming up next month, the brand will continue that theme with the QX30 Concept.

At first glance, the crossover looks very similar to the eye-catching Q30 Concept that adorned the LA Auto Show back in 2013. There’s the familiar ‘dual wave’ sculpting down the sides, a glass roof up top, and the sharp, aggressive overall lines that we’ve come to expect from modern Infiniti vehicles.

The rear end has been revised, though, with a more aerodynamic bumper and integrated exhaust piping playing off the teardrop-shaped tails above. Infiniti calls the design theme “stylish protection,” which means … something.

“We wanted the spontaneous fluidity of the QX30 Concept design to cut through the urban clutter and rigidity, reflecting its go-anywhere and spur-of-the-moment nature,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. “The QX30 Concept has been designed to make occupants feel safe and protected inside, and customers can drive in or out of the city without worrying about nicks to the chromework.”

The QX30 Concept is 30mm taller than the Q30 as well, and it fits cleanly into the automaker’s latest naming reshuffle. Infiniti has deemed that all sedans and coupes will feature the ‘Q’ prefix, while all SUVs and crossovers will carry a ‘QX.’ The premium compact vehicle also wears revised 21-inch wheels.

As before, Infiniti says the Concept previews a future production car. The QX30 will make its official debut in Geneva on March 3rd.