Infiniti mixes luxury and performance with its Vision Gran Turismo concept

Over the past year, we’ve seen a parade of futuristic concept cars created specifically for Gran Turismo 6 celebrating the game franchise’s 15th anniversary. Now, it’s Infiniti’s turn.

Following in the tire tracks of parent brand Nissan’s Concept 2020, the straightforwardly-named Infiniti Concept looks ready to conquer the virtual competition.

Befitting its high-end status, Infiniti envisioned its concept as a more-refined GT car, rather than the hardcore racers created by Nissan and other carmakers.

It still looks radical, though. With an absurdly low profile and a grille as wide as a catfish’s mouth, the concept looks like someone squashed Infiniti’s Q80 Inspiration hybrid concept.

The design was developed by Infiniti’s Beijing-based Chinese design team. Infiniti says the team hoped to create an “ambitious racing language” for the brand, whatever that means.

Infiniti didn’t propose a hypothetical powertrain for the concept, but it says some actual work was done with aerodynamics and weight distribution to improve the performance of this virtual car.

The Infiniti Concept features a front-midship powertrain with a rear-mounted transaxle, giving it a 45:55 front/rear weight distribution that the carmaker says makes drifting easier.

When the driver actually wants grip, front and rear diffusers, a rear spoiler, and “under-floor airflow control” system help the car stick to virtual the virtual road surface.

As with the other Vision Gran Turismo concepts, Infiniti’s creation will be available as a free download in  Gran Turismo 6.

This concept was made purely for gaming, but Infiniti will also unveil a Q60 concept at the upcoming 2015 Detroit Auto Show, previewing a new production coupe.