Infiniti plays the teasing game with its upcoming Q60 Concept

Infiniti Q60 Concept

Ahead of the Detroit Auto Show next month, Infiniti has released a tasty teaser of its upcoming Q60 Concept.

In November, Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa told Motor Trend that the concept will be “very, very, very, very close to the next Q60.”

Like most teasers, Infiniti’s preview doesn’t reveal much. From the silhouette, though, you can clearly see the Q60’s swooping muscular lines and chunky five-spoke alloys, building off the aggressive design language of the Q50 and Q70.

The diminutive side mirrors, which may actually be cameras, and retractable door handles are undoubtedly sexy, but they probably won’t make it to the showroom.

The brand calls the vehicle a “premium sports coupe,” one that embodies the visual consistency that will be “a key ingredient of products in the future Infiniti lineup.”

The engine will likely be a carryover from the slightly smaller Q50, a 3.7-liter VQ series V6 that produces 328 horsepower. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there have been rumblings of a hopped-up Eau Rouge version, which could use either the 420-hp V8 from the Q70 or the twin-turbo, 560-hp 3.8-liter V6 from the Q50 Eau Rouge concept and Nissan GT-R.

Yes, please.

If our math is correct, the Q60 will sit between the Q50 and Q70 in Infiniti’s model range, sandwiched in between its BMW 4 and 6 Series competitors.

Stay tuned for updates as we inch closer to the Q60’s full reveal on January 13th.