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When bulletproof isn’t enough: Inkas drops a new version of its armored Mercedes G63 AMG

Remember that tricked out Mercedes G-Class from last year? No, not that one. Not that one either. No, not even that one. This one.

Yes, Inkas’ bulletproof G63 may have had a lot of siblings, but few did it better than the armored vehicle manufacturer from Toronto, Canada. No, not even this one.

The big SUV was filled with gadgets fit for a superspy, such as a grenade-proof reinforced floor, an insulated fuel tank, impenetrable windows, and body panels that could brush off automatic weapons fire.

The brand has just announced an upgraded version for 2015, one that wears a matte black exterior finish, a color-matched grill, and a set of black wheels. Unlike before, the added 43-inch center section now features a window.

As far as security goes, this thing is positively bonkers. Whether it’s the indoor exhaust system that vents poisonous gases in less than a minute, the speed-vault pistol holder, or the various perimeter bulletproofing, riding in this thing will literally make you feel like 007.

Despite its militant capabilities, the interior resembles a five-star hotel suite. Exotic leather and curved wood line the armored vehicle’s cabin, and they’re the same varieties you’ll find in a Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Custom captain-style seats, a full refrigerator, and satellite TV system provide the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation between firefights.

There are even LEDS inside that change colors to set different moods, ranging from “business mode” to what the company labels “various romantic themes.” A true Bond car, indeed.

How much does all the luxury and security run? A cool $1,000,000, preferably from a secret Swiss bank account.

Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the G-Class here.

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