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Kahn Design gives the Defender the chop to make the Flying Huntsman Pickup

Kahn Design Flying Huntsman Pickup
British coach builder Kahn Design knows its way around Land Rovers, so it’s no surprise that, in its final year, the Defender is getting a few Kahn-style makeovers.

Kahn debuted its Flying Huntsman series of defenders with the reveal of its 105 Longnose Defender and the wheel-tastic 110 WB 6×6 concept. Now, another variant comes our way in the form of the Flying Huntsman 105 Defender Pickup. The back-less British bully was revealed at the Great British Land Rover show in Derby, where it understandably turned more than a few heads.

Like its brethren, the front end sees a 400-millimeter stretch while the wheelbase gets wider by 150-millimeters. Adding to the bulky presence are prominently flared fenders which sport vents and air apertures throughout.

Unlike them, however, the Flying Huntsman Pickup doesn’t get the beefy American 6.2-liter V8 from GM. It instead retains the much more modest 2.2-liter diesel that standard Defenders are fitted with. Power goes to all four wheels by way of a six-speed automatic transmission.

Kahn Design Flying Huntsman Pickup

Painted in Matte black, the Pickup has a refitted interior that steps away from the more stark utilitarian nature of the Defender to something a bit more in line with Kahn’s stylish standards. Anyone interested can of course had Kahn design customize their Huntsman in any way they want.

Starting at £58,875 or roughly $90,000, the Flying Huntsman Pickup is a hefty chunk of change for a specialized Defender that will never see anything loaded in its truck bed that isn’t wearing a bikini… actually wait, we think we get the appeal now.

Those looking to pick one up can swing by one of Kahn’s three locations in England or get on the horn with its international sales division. You might even be able to order one in left-hand drive.

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