Watch Koenigsegg’s One:1, the ‘world’s first megacar,’ hit 225 mph in this video

The Koenigsegg One:1, with its poetic 1:1 ratio of horsepower to kilograms of weight, has a beautiful fascination with numbers. Well, you can add another striking figure to the Swede’s collection: 225 mph.

That impressive speed was recently achieved by the 1,341-hp ‘megacar’ at a Vmax200 event in the U.K., where the One:1 used every bit of its 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to reach breakneck velocity.

Sort of.

A video by The BHP Project documents the speed run in full detail, which was done over a bumpy runway on pump fuel. Those familiar with the car will know that the Koenigsegg has a claimed top speed of around 273 mph, so 225 mph is just another day at the office for the carbon fiber-clad beauty.

Koenigsegg One:1

Using regular gas, the Koenigegg’s V8 makes around 1,160 hp, which is about an MX-5 short of the car’s full potential. The group plans to do a true top speed run with bio-ethanol fuel, which will produce an estimated 1389 hp. A smoother road couldn’t hurt either.

Want more proof of the car’s capability? Look closely at the vehicle’s aircraft-style gauge cluster and you’ll see that the sweater-clad pilot had just shifted into seventh gear when 225 mph was achieved, meaning that the car had quite a bit left in the tank.

In other Koenigsegg news, the brand’s CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, recently discussed his desire to build a four-door hypercar.

“Yes, I can imagine a car like that,” he said when asked about the hypothetical vehicle. “Maybe within the next five years, possibly earlier than that.”

The automaker also hopes to set a new Nurburgring record with the One:1 later this summer.