Lamborghini ‘Nazionale’ Aventador LP 700-4 set for unveil in Beijing

Lamborghini Aventador

In February, we reported that Lamborghini was beginning an all-new bespoke design program called “ad personam”.

The bespoke program allows buyers to add their personal touch to literally any part of the car you can imagine, from doorsills to infotainment controls.

Dual-color paint jobs are a new option, in case you can’t choose between yellow and black. New floor mat and seatbelt colors have been included, to officially make the Ad Personam program the closest possible thing to making your Lambo ‘perfect’.

Since the introduction of the new program, Lamborghini has built its first custom model. It’s called – drumroll please – the Nazionale, which is Italian for “National”.

Set for unveil at the Beijing Motor Show later this month, according to Motor Authority, the car will probably be highlighted with the colors of the Italian flag. You know, if the 6.5-liter, 691 horsepower V12 weren’t showy enough.

As soon as the full images of the Nazionale hit the web we’ll be sure to bring them to you. So be sure to check back often.