Lamborghini’s 5-95 Zagato is an instant collectible … or is it?

What do you get when an Italian design company and one of the world’s most ostentatious car manufacturers meet? Fireworks. 

Zagato is celebrating its 95th anniversary with what may be its magnum opus, the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato.

The 5-95 Zagato is based on the Gallardo LP 570-4 and has every trait you’d expect to come from a collaboration between some of Italy’s finest artisans: beauty, brawn, style, and character. 

Aesthetically, the 5-95’s rear end draws cues from the Alfa Romeo 4C, and has a face that looks like a combination of a Ferrari F40, a Gallardo, and a whale shark. If that sounds like anything but a compliment, rest assured, it is. It may not have the sex appeal of a 458 Speciale or an Aventador, but the 5-95’s wildly contrasting angles give it a striking presence and rare, iconic look.

Zagato has been sculpting automotive art since 1919, and in its nearly 100-year history, the company has produced some astonishing designs. Recently, Zagato versions of the BMW Z4, Aston Martin Vantage, and AC 378 GT have emerged and it’s clear the Milanese coachbuilders know their way around a chunk of modeling clay. 

Zagato values functionality and rationality in their work, which may seem odd given Lamborghini’s status as subtlety’s antonym. On the 5-95, however, everything is functional. The front end integrates the lights with the air intakes, and the continuous glass surfaces over the car reduce aerodynamic drag and wind noise. The air scoop is designed to work with the 5-95’s partitioned roof, funneling air directly to the intake manifold. Furthermore, the Gallardo’s side-mounted brake vents are larger and more pronounced on the 5-95, providing more cooling. 

The 5-95 was commissioned by Albert Spies, a Lamborghini collector and rich guy extraordinaire.

“I always appreciated the ability of Zagato to create timeless lines with a forceful visual impact,” Spiess exclaimed. “I believe that a sensual design inspired by nature, together with the best technology, strike a perfect balance that is possible to achieve only in Italy. The 5-95 will be a fundamental piece of my collection.” 

While the Zagato has been labeled an “instant collectable” by many, in reality it really isn’t a collectable at all: there is only one 5-95 in the world, and Spiess has the keys. I doubt its going to show up on Craigslist anytime soon.

Watch the video of the 5-95 Zagato’s unveiling below. 

(Photo via Yahoo Autos)