AC is back with the AC 378 GT Zagato

AC 378 GT ZagatoAC Cars has revealed an all-new model at the Geneva Motor Show, its first for some time. The legendary brand is planning a European re-launch this year, and will do so with not only a selection of cars based on the classic Cobra, but with this, the AC 378 GT Zagato too.

Initially destined for the UK and Germany, the 378 GT Zagato uses General Motors’ 6.2-liter V8 engine from the Chevrolet Camaro, and it’ll produce 434 bhp.

The gorgeous Zagato body is actually based on an existing Zagato design known as the Perana Z-One concept, which appeared at the 2009 Geneva show.

If we take the facts and figures which related to the Perana, we should get an idea of the 378 GT’s performance. Zagato’s car has a lightweight — 1,465 kg — body over a steel space frame chassis and a six-speed transmission, all of which add up to a sub-four second 0-60 time, and 185 mph top speed. Sounds perfectly acceptable to us.

According to Car Magazine, the AC 378 GT will be built in the same South African factory which is currently responsible for Noble’s range of supercars, a move which should help overcome previous problems in this area.

AC will also continue to work with Zagato over the coming year, and plans are apparently in place to launch a limited run of the achingly-pretty AC Ace Bristol Zagato. In addition to these Zagato cars, AC will add the AC Ace Classic and a selection of MkII and MkIV Cobra models this year too.

In the UK the 378 GT Zagato has been priced at £89,995, or $141,800, and its launch both there and in Germany is seen as just the beginning for the newly invigorated AC. The company’s new chairman says the board is “committed to building the brand globally” and will expand “across a whole series of markets where AC is associated with the best there is in sports car design and manufacture.”