Mercedes-Benz A-Class concept: so sexy it could kill, quite literally

Yesterday, I got the chance to completely peruse the New York International Auto Show floor. Suffice it to say, there are some hot concept cars on display, but one of my favorites was this Mercedes A-Class because of how quickly and vehemently all of the Mercedes representatives were telling everyone about its faults. Yes, a Mercedes has faults.

The funny thing is, they seem to be changing every item about the car that draws attention. The wheels will be changed, as will the cool red glow of all the internal gadgetry. Most of all, the car’s defining feature, its grill, has to be altered as well.

The grill: right now it is made up of hundreds of gorgeous silver dots, reminiscent of one of those pin toys you used to stick your hand in to see the shape on the other side. Unfortunately, representatives said that these pins were highly dangerous. If you were to get into a car crash, they may go right through the car and stab the driver and passenger. Not a great way to go, I’d imagine.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class concept may hit European markets next year, but the company remains fairly vague. For now, it’s a very pretty car that, in its current form, will never exist.