Mitsubishi’s cutting-edge Emirai 3 xDAS concept is the sports car of the 22nd century

Mitsubishi has published a pair of teaser images that preview a new concept car dubbed Emirai 3 xDAS. The design study will be presented to the public later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside the eX concept.

The Emirai 3 xDAS is as wild-looking as its science fiction-esque name suggests. Billed as a follow-up to the Emirai 2 xDAS that was shown in the Japanese capital two years ago, it takes the form of a highly aerodynamic, low-slung two-seater convertible that’s designed around the driver.

The cockpit boasts a highly advanced infotainment system that’s made up of a handful of LCD screens located on the dashboard and on the center console. The screens are touch-sensitive, but they can also respond to hand gestures, a feature that allows the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road ahead. A heads-up display further reduces distractions.

The car constantly monitors the driver’s heart beat thanks to an innovative non-contact cardiograph that Mitsubishi developed with input from the National University Corporation Kyushu Institute of Technology. Safety is further enhanced by a navigation system that’s programmed to emit audible warnings if it senses the car is approaching a dangerous intersection. Cameras mounted on either side of the concept’s front end show the driver what’s out of sight in order to avoid dangerous collisions.

Finally, the Emirai 3 xDAS takes the concept of connectivity to the next level by allowing the driver to remotely control home appliances using one of the many touch-sensitive surfaces in the cockpit. In theory, the driver can preheat the oven, turn on the A/C and open the blinds before even stepping through the front door.

Technical information hasn’t been published yet, so all we know is that the concept is powered by an all-electric drivetrain. Full details about the Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDAS concept will emerge over the next few weeks.