New augmented reality system shows 3D GPS navigation through your windshield

Virtual Cable

A new type augmented reality system, which just won the top prize at the European Satellite Navigation Competition in Munich, Germany, promises to turn the entire world into a giant GPS navigation display.

Created by a company called Making Virtual Solid (MVS – California), the breakthrough heads-up display (HUD) system projects images from your car’s GPS onto the windshield to create an augmented reality navigation system that can be used by anyone easily. Rather than appearing like a flat map projected on the windshield, MVS’ technology displays a single “Virtual Cable,” which is made to appear like a physical line in the sky, outside the car, that shows the path to your chosen destination. 

The system is designed to be less distracting than current GPS systems, which require drivers to look away from the road to get an accurate picture of where they are supposed to go. MVS created the Virtual Cable so that anyone could use the system without any training; simply get in the car and go. And the Virtual Cable will work well in either bright sunlight or at night.

There are a number of differences between the Virtual Cable and the other HUD systems that are currently being developed. The first is a matter of design and simplicity. While other HUD navigation systems show a barrage of icons and virtual sigs and other distracting nonsense on the screen, the Virtual Cable is simple and designed specifically to be non-distracting. The Virtual Cable system will also work with any pre-installed or external GPS navigation system. Lastly, MVS has created its system to be as cost-effective as possible, meaning there’s a chance the Virtual Cable might actually make it into a car you drive, rather than just being a really expensive good idea. 

Watch a video of how Virtual Cable works below:

[via PhysOrg]

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