NISMO Nissan GT-R to tame the Nurburgring, shame Porsche owners


If you’re the kind of guy who can afford a Porsche GT3, you’ve probably got few worries in this world. Money is arguably no object and, with your vast ocean of wealth, you’ve procured one of the fastest production cars ever to lap the Nurburgring. Life is good. Or is it?

The man who has everything now has at least one thing to worry about: the NISMO GT-R.

This hyped-up version of Nissan’s flagship supercar will reportedly lap the ‘Ring in 7:08, which will make it the fastest car to ever run around the famed circuit and the fastest Nissan ever.

Although Nissan is still being very cagey with the details, the NISMO GT-R will – just like the rest of the new NISMO line – see improved power, handling, and styling. While we can pinpoint plenty of room for visual improvements, the idea of a harder riding GT-R makes our backs hurt just thinking about it.

We know NISMO shouldn’t have trouble pushing more power to the pavement, as we have seen aftermarket tuners make as much as 1,300 horsepower from the stock 545 horsepower 3.8-liter V6. How much more might the NISMO GT-R make? Top Gear reports it could be more than 570.

We were a bit skeptical of the newly announced NISMO products after we saw the NISMO Juke and the NISMO 370Z. This NISMO GT-R, however, sounds quite promising indeed.

Interested parties will have to sit on their hands for a while, though, as the ‘Ring-taming Godzilla isn’t due for release until the second half of 2014. Be sure to check back for more details.