No fellowship needed: F1 boss Ecclestone may buy Nürburgring himself

No fellowship needed: F1 Boss Ecclestone may buy Nürburgring himself

We’re used to famous and public figures making promises they can’t keep. Whether it’s politicians pledging to lower taxes or Matthew McConaughey promising to make a film that isn’t terrible, we typically try to not put much stalk in such things. However, one public figure, Bernie Ecclestone, may actually make good on his word.

The Formula One Chief Executive Office recently pledged that he would “do everything” to save the legendary Nürburgring, which has fallen on hard times as of late and is in danger of bankruptcy.

Never one to miss out on an opportunity, according to Bloomberg, Ecclestone told German reporters in a recent interview that while he would not front the cost of a Formula One event himself, he was seriously considering purchasing the track outright — choosing not to elaborate any further regarding price or details surrounding a potential deal.

While the ‘Ring’s fate is not yet sealed, efforts to boost revenue by building various attractions, such as a roller coaster and shopping mall on the property, have failed to alleviate its financial woes. It was thought that a help from the European Union could potentially save the track, but given the fragile state of many of European economies at this time, hopes for such a resolution have effectively been dashed.