Pagani’s hotter Huayra BC gains 100 horsepower, loses 330 pounds for Geneva

With 730 horsepower on tap via an AMG-sourced biturbo V12 and less than 3,000 pounds to motivate, the Pagani Huayra is no slouch. Still, the supercar world is an intensely competitive space, and the pressure is on the Italian firm to step up its game.

Pagani’s answer? The hardcore Huayra BC, which, as we learned at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, is one serious performance car. The BC sheds approximately 330 pounds from the already light Huayra frame, bringing its curb weight down to a paltry 2,645 lbs. To capitalize on the dramatic weight loss, Pagani injected a potent cocktail of steroids and tiger blood into the vehicle’s 12-cylinder heart, bringing total output to 789 horsepower, a noticeable increase over the standard car.

Pagani Huayra BC

Ronan Glon/Digital Trends

Such a dramatic power-to-weight ratio swing will undoubtedly turn the Huayra’s 0 to 60 mph sprint into a sub-3.0 second affair. If the BC can accomplish such a benchmark, it will join the ranks of the world’s elite supercars, including Porsche’s 918 Spyder, McLaren’s P1, and Ferrari’s infamous LaFerrari.

Beyond the performance gains, the Huayra BC benefits from exterior updates like a large active-adjusting rear spoiler (which generates 1,102 lbs of downforce at 155 mph), additional front air intakes, a wider rear track, new side skirts, and an imposing rear diffuser. The BC also wears unique lightweight wheels. Inside, the limited edition Huayra gains updates akin to the brand’s Zonda Cinque, meaning sportier seats and fewer frills.

As for its name, “BC” apparently stands for Benny Caiola, a well-know car collector that passed away in April of 2010. Pricing for the Huayra BC will start at around $2.8 Million and only 20 examples will be produced. To make the car even crazier, Pagani may introduce a Huayra BC Roadster sometime after the regular Huayra Roadster goes on sale next year.