This imagined Porsche 901 concept is a brilliant revision of the legendary 911

Reimagining the iconic Porsche 911 is no simple task. On one hand, you don’t want to mar the iconic design themes that have been there since the beginning. On the other, you want to give the car a new look, a fresh perspective that is equally unique and respectful to the past.

Ege Arguden, a digital designer from Turkey, tried to do just that with his Porsche 901 concept. With its classic European profile and minimalist architecture, the striking 901 is an homage to the 911s of old.

“Even tough it is considered one of the most traditional evolutions in car design, [the] Porsche 911 grew significantly in size and became a much more complex and [luxurious] vehicle compared to the original 911,” explains Arguden. “The aim of Porsche 901 was to go back to the roots and capture the essence of the original 911.”

From the rear, the 901’s most flattering angle, there are shades of the E-Type Jaguar, with intakes that reference the butterfly engines of early Porsche RSR models. Its wide stance and long rake give the car a sleek, athletic shape, one that Arguden proportioned to be 200mm shorter than the current 911.

“After the ideation process, the most challenging phase was refinement; many hours were spent to achieve the right 911 silhouette,” he said.

From the front, the 901 is still eye-catching but less classically sexy, with triple-prong headlights and a wide-mouth grill. From the early design sketches, you can see the traditional Porsche round headlights, but Arguden says he “tried to modernize these elements with subtle changes.”

The renderings, which were hosted by Carbodydesign, were developed during Arguden’s tenure at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He graduated last fall, and has several other designs posted on his page.