Porsche celebrates 50 years of motoring magnificence with the 911

We love the 911 – and rightfully so. This year it’s turning 50, and even after all these glorious years it still looks the amazing; we should all be so lucky.

Porsche sent out a press release this week, proudly celebrating the 50th anniversary of its most iconic model: the 911. Now in its seventh generation, the 911 originally debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1963 as the 901 concept. It was later renamed the 911 before it went on sale in 1964.

Succeeding the 356, the 911 took the reigns from the — at the time — foremost Porsche. Although it hasn’t remained at the forefront Porsche model in terms of power and performance, it has easily secured its place as one of the most significant sports cars on the planet. In fact, Porsche has sold over 820,000 911s in its time, making it one of the most successful sports cars as well.

There are plenty of detractors of the 911, which has become the benchmark European sports car over the years. Many, we suspect, haven’t ever actually driven one before. Once you’re behind the wheel of a 911 – no matter the vintage – the experience is magical. We think Ferry Porsche put it best: “The 911 is the only car you could drive on an African safari or at Le Mans, to the theater or through New York City traffic.”

To celebrate the 911’s 50th, Porsche is sending an “authentic” 1967 911 on a world tour, stopping in places like Pebble Beach, Shanghai, Goodwood, Paris, and Australia. There will also be a special exhibit at the Porsche museum showing off some special 911 variants, including an early-model 911 Turbo Coupe, a 911 Cabriolet study from 1981, a 1997 street version 911 GT1 and the pre-series Type 754 T7.

If you’re anywhere near one of these festivities, we suggest you stop by. But until then, check out Porsche’s awesomely cheesy 911 video.